and kinesthesis

A review of 70 articles under many heads that may be grouped as follows: physiological—excitation and discharge of sensory impulses, drug effects, protopathic-epicritic, autonomic system; qualitative analysis and relations to sense organs for temperature, tickle, pain, and sense of vibration; perceptual—size-weight illusion
97 titles reviewed under the headings: receptors, temperature, pressure, pain, localization and discrimination, form perception, operative and experimental physiological approaches, galvanic reflex, sense of vibration, kinesthesis. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)
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Percept Mot Skills. 1981 Oct;53(2):459-66. Vision and kinesthesis in spatial short-term memory. Podros LZ, Wyke MA, Waters JM. This investigation examined the effects of different localizing cues on the precision with which subjects can recall the position of a target in space. The availability of the cues--vision, kinesthesis,
Percept Mot Skills. 1989 Jun;68(3 Pt 1):707-14. Vision and kinesthesis in accuracy of hand movement. Lovelace EA(1). Author information: (1)Psychology Division, Alfred University, NY 14802. Two experiments examined the accuracy with which college students were able to touch a target when knowledge of the target
Kinesthetic awareness and proprioception are two different concepts that are often conflated. Proprioception refers to the internal messaging (the central nervous system) that drives our movement. My finger doesn't go to a hot flame because sense organs within the body register heat and provide a warning signal for me to
Three experiments were conducted to investigate the visual/kinesthetic coding characteristics of two movement informations, i.e., location and distance. The first experiments used matching task procedures, the second experiment used visual augmentation and reduction procedures and the third experiment made use of an

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